Cloud Three was born when a developer and a designer joined forces with a mission to provide better websites and software to the Townsville and surrounding regions. As a team we're able to provide websites that are uniquely designed to a business, with all the functionality that you could ever imagine.


Mojito Solutions is formed

In 2007 Katrina formed a website design firm with the goal to make websites that were both user friendly and well designed. After seeing so many websites that were coded poorly that didn't meet standards she set out to educate the community on the importance of effective websites.


2Technical is formed

In 2008 Luke formed 2Technical, an IT support company. There were so many IT Support companies that were underserving the community and Luke set out right the wrongs of his industry. As part of this company he developed an end to end frame of mind, wanting to support clients in every way possible, from their physical networks to their cloud right through to their websites.


2Technical and Mojito meet

In 2008 2Technical and Mojito met through the local twittersphere. They hit it off, both companies wanting to do more for not just themselves but for their industries and clients, and a strong working relationship was formed.


CloudThree is formed

In 2012 the two separate companies had already started collaborating on some awesome work and in an effort to continue to do so more efficiently they joined forces to form CloudThree. From then on they continued to inspire each other to new and greater heights.