Analytics Academy Analysis – My first venture into Google Analytics

by James

“What is Google Analytics and How can I get started?”

Over the past few weeks I decided to delve deeper into google analytics via Google’s “Google Analytics Academy”. I started at the beginning with the Basic Beginners Google Analytics Course (which you can take here:

The Academy provides a multitude of different helpful guides in relation to navigating, using and understanding all of the features Googles Analytics has to offer which I found to be more than enough to help me get started. To get started I just needed to sign up ( link here:, login to my Google account and I was ready to go.

“Why should I care about Google Analytics anyway?”

Google Analytics is incredibly important to managing your site. It gives you a tonne of information that can help you build your site to better accommodate your target audience. It provides you with important data such as the average user bounce rate, the average duration of page sessions, the number of times users have visited certain pages, what device they viewed your website on, what part of the world they were located in, how they reached your site in the first place, you can even setup goals to record the user conversion rate for different processes and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! This is the kind of information that can make or break a business and yet hardly any businesses properly utilise it.

“How do I get Google Analytics to work on my site?”

To embed Google Analytics into your site all you need to do is go to your Google Analytics Dashboard and under the “Admin” tab select “Create Property” under the properties tab. Fill in the required information about your site and click “Get Tracking ID”. Copy this tracking code and then, if you are building your site in HTML, embed the code at the top of your <head> on every page you want to track. Keep in mind that other website building platforms such as Joomla and WordPress have plugins that can do all of this automatically provided they are given the tracking ID.

What did I really learn this week?

I learned that Google Analytics is incredibly important for those wanting to build a successful, active, and popular website. If you are thinking about building a website for your business or even for yourself you should definitely consider implementing this tool and take the time to learn how to effectively interpret the data it gives you to maintain a stable user base.

If you’re interested in Google Analytics and what it can do for your site I highly recommend you visit the Google Analytics Academy to learn more about what it can do for you.

This article was written by Sean Rogers, Sean is a year 11 Student at Tec-NQ who did work-placement with Cloudthree.