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Content Before Design

When we develop websites we always try to make sure that we shape the design of the site around the content and not the other way around, but why do we do this? Content is, at its core, the heart and soul of any website. Content is the way we convey information to the user, …

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Analytics Academy Analysis – My first venture into Google Analytics

“What is Google Analytics and How can I get started?” Over the past few weeks I decided to delve deeper into google analytics via Google’s “Google Analytics Academy”. I started at the beginning with the Basic Beginners Google Analytics Course (which you can take here: The Academy provides a multitude of different helpful guides …

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What is AMP?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, it is an open source project being spearheaded by Google to improve user experience and engagement. AMP is a library to save the internet of today, not tomorrow. Using low level capabilities that explain existing features, and by prioritising their efforts Google has made a unique and fast experience. …

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