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What is ‘Mobile site optimisation’ and do I need it?

Mobile site optimisation has become a bit of a buzz term since Google announced they would be changing how sites are ranked on mobile searches back in April 2015 (you can read the full announcement from Google here). Right now we’re not seeing a big difference in search results between desktop and mobile devices, so don’t worry if …

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Google’s look, evolved.

  Google today announced it’s next evolution of branding with a brand new logo and look and feel across the board on all of their widgets that you’ll interact with as you use their products. This comes not long after they announced Alphabet and is in fact directly related as part of their formal attachment …

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Why Can’t I Find my Site on Google?

It’s a good question and it’s one that I hear from a lot of clients during our first meeting. Google is a tool thats become a household name, we use it every day and many of us shudder to think of life without it (I know I do). So it makes sense that you would …

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