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Why Can’t I Find my Site on Google?

It’s a good question and it’s one that I hear from a lot of clients during our first meeting. Google is a tool thats become a household name, we use it every day and many of us shudder to think of life without it (I know I do). So it makes sense that you would …

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What to do with your App Idea

What Now? It’s the first question that clients ask me either when they call or during our first sit down. Last year we saw a lot of our clients being really innovative and utilising today’s technology to make their jobs easier, and this year the trend seems to be continuing with a sharp increase in app …

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2015 Resolution – Keep your website up to date

With a whole new year comes the deluge of New Years Resolutions. While a lot of people are considering, going to the gym more, reading more or a host of other personal agenda’s; This is also the time that managers and directors start considering where their business is and where they’d like it to be by 2016. …

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