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WordPress, not just for Blogs

In 2003 WordPress was created with the intention of being used as a personal publishing system built on PHP and MySQL and licensed under the GPL( General Public Licence). Almost a decade later the platform has gone through multiple major builds and upgrades taking it from a personal publishing system up to a full Content …

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Where (geographically) should I host my website?

Considering how far your website should be from your customers must be a critical factor when deciding where your website should be hosted. It’s a question you should be asking your web hosting provider to ensure that your website will be as close as possible to your customers to ensure the best possible experience. In …

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Web App vs Mobile App

As a company that develops for so many different platforms part of our job when a client comes to us with an idea is to identify the strengths of each platform to help the client decide where their idea will come to fruition and be most beneficial to its users. The most common decision we …

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