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Date 2021
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Live Your Way

The Task:Create a user-friendly, accessible website that services two majorly different demographics and unify that together with the brand under a single website.

The Solution

We’re passionate about ensuring that we get the job right and that thought and care go into everything we make. In this case, with a firm launch date, we designed and developed a landing page that told the world what the client does, who they are, and how to contact them. Even at this stage, we optimised the site to ensure that Search Engines would index the landing page correctly, and it would begin to help the client build trust for their domain.

The next stage was site architecture. As a service provider for the elderly and disabled, a significant part of the strategy was to ensure that potential clients felt comfortable utilising their services. To do this, we knew people would have to believe the client knows what they’re doing, so we knew that the site would have a lot of information. As we put together the sitemap, we focussed on increasing navigability and planned potential visitor journeys through the site.

Once this was complete, we worked with the client to ensure they had enough content for each page and that it was pertinent and served the purpose of both the website and the goal to educate visitors.

We worked with the client to finalise their content, approve the sitemap, and plan the customer journeys. Then we could design and build the rest of the site, utilising the landing page that we launched to ensure there wasn’t a brand disconnect.

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