Web Design and Development

Websites aren’t about just creating something that looks good, although that’s a crucial part of it. They’re about taking your prospective clients on a journey. Ideally, you want that journey tailored to an outcome, a booking, a sale, a contact point. That’s what we create, websites that help people understand who you are, what you do, and why people should utilise your services or buy your products. Of course, search engines have needs to be met as well, and we make sure that we build websites that serve both site visitors and search engines, helping to bring you more prospective clients and then meaningfully engage with them.

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eCommerce Development

Having worked on eCommerce sites for a decade, our team knows what works. That’s why we have what it takes to design and develop an eCommerce website that showcases your products and helps you sell, even while you’re sleeping.

We develop eCommerce stores that allow you to publish and sell products anywhere in the world quickly. We’ve worked with a variety of eCommerce systems such as Shopify, Magento, and Woocommerce.

We develop eCommerce stores with a wide range of functionality, whether you want to sell one product or hundreds.

Each eCommerce site we install allows site administrators to:

  • Create and sell products
  • Easy set up of Variable products (e.g. a T-shirt in Small, Medium, and Large)
  • Sell digital products
  • Manage inventory
  • Set up Discount Coupons and Codes
  • Set up Product sales
  • Accept payment online
  • View reports of your online sales
  • And much more.

Software Development

Every business is unique, which means they all have unique problems and needs. So we design and develop custom software for your business. As Townsville locals, it means we can drop by and investigate your business needs and work with you to streamline your business and increase your productivity.

We love problem-solving; that’s why we love programming.

It lets us put our minds together to help you and your business. We write software to streamline processes, increase productivity, and generally make life easier. That’s what we believe technology is all about. So we write web apps and desktop apps to cover all aspects of your work life.

  • Intranets – We’ve developed private internal websites for a company to store their confidential documents and keep employees up to date on company information and events.
  • CRMs (Customer Relationship Manager) – Systems for Companies to store their customer information for future reference, leads, sales and projects.
  • Order Management Systems – Systems for companies to keep and fulfil customer orders.
  • Custom Content Management systems – We’ve developed platforms to manage websites when pre-built ones don’t do the job.
  • Inventory Management Systems – We’ve created software for companies to manage their stock (what they have on hand and what they can supply).
  • Ticket Scanning Software – Software that allows computers to talk to scanners and determine ticket validity.
  • Project Management Systems – Systems that enable companies to manage customer projects and progress.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Building and launching an SEO-friendly website is just the first step towards online success!

At our company, we believe that having a website is like engaging in a continuous conversation with your customers. If you neglect it, it’s as if you’ve been standing quietly in a corner, allowing both your customers and search engines to forget about you.

We understand the significance of creating an SEO-friendly website, but we also know that the journey doesn’t end there. It’s about the ongoing process of generating results and ensuring that your website ranks well. And guess what? We’re here to help you every step of the way!

With our friendly and fun approach to Search Engine Optimisation, we’ll ensure that your website not only appeals to search engines but also captivates your audience. We’ll optimize your site’s content, fine-tune its structure, and employ strategic techniques to drive organic traffic.

No need to worry about getting lost in technical jargon or feeling overwhelmed. We’ll explain everything in plain language, making the SEO process easy to understand.

Let’s take your website to new heights together and make sure you’re always at the forefront of your customers’ minds and search engine rankings!

Mobile Apps

Got an idea for a mobile app? Our innovative team can take you from concept to reality.

As one of Townsville’s leading cross-platform app development teams, we can help take your app idea from conception to market-ready. We develop for iOS (Apple), Android (Google), and Windows Mobile and can target your app for one platform or all of them.

Mobile apps can do a lot, from supplementing your current business, keeping in contact with your client base, or as your new business venture. Whether you’re starting and need help defining your app idea or if you’re ready to start building now, we can help bring your app to life. First, our team conducts market viability research and goes through the essential groundwork (marketing plans, app monetisation, ROI) with you before scoping and building your app. Then, we discuss and determine appropriate marketplaces (Google Play Store, App Store or Windows Marketplace) and plan a development roadmap.

We can develop your application across multiple platforms simultaneously or for market testing, one at a time. If you see an unfulfilled need, contact us to see how your App idea can fill the niche.

Branding & Graphic Design

We love working with new businesses to create a brand identity that encompasses who they are and what they do. We want to help create an identity that lets people know why they should be as passionate about your brand as you are.

We work with existing brands to touch up their identities, whether it’s breathing new life into what you have or a full-blown makeover.

Whether it’s just a logo and some business cards, or a complete package helping to define the voice and tone of your business, we can help.

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