Client RangerMate – Queensland Parks & Wildlife Services
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Date 2020
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RangerMate – Queensland Parks & Wildlife Services

The Task:Build an app that allows remote staff to keep up to date on organisational news and have a repository of information to help keep messaging consistent whilst staff are in the field.

The Problem

Field staff spend most of their time out of the office and without an internet connection. It can be challenging for those staff to know what’s happening in the larger organisation. When staff engage with the public, it can be difficult for them to look up pertinent information from the intranet.

The Solution

We developed a cross-platform app that runs on both Android and iOS. This app pushes notifications to all users when a new story is published as soon as the device has a data connection. In addition, the app allows staff who are en route to locations to catch up on relevant news and projects.

The other major part of the app, the information repository, has a category system to allow staff to browse the articles quickly. We also built a search feature to ensure that the team could promptly find pertinent contents for a specific incident.

Lastly, we built a section that allows the administrators to set critical values about the organisation. Staff can use this to ensure that they know, year on year, what the organisation’s key focus is.

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