Client WiseMind Social
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Date 2023

WiseMind Social

The Task:Wisemind Social is the brainchild of a client who was sick of people being taken advantage of. She wanted to be a transparent, authentic, and honest company that worked to help people communicate their business messaging with their audiences. We were brought on to bring to life the vision that Alysha at WiseMind Social had, she knew what her business stood for, and what that brand looked like in her head, but together we built a brand and website that reflected what she does and who she is.

I could write so much about this project because I love it so much, but sometimes the client says it perfectly, so let me hand this one directly to them:

“I thought I knew it all… Until I didn’t!

I’m usually a pretty self-assured person when it comes to my style. Before I went to Cloud Three, I thought I had everything figured out. However, website development wasn’t my thing, and I knew I needed a professional to handle it for me.

So, why didn’t I hand it over?

I had already created logos and an entire brand concept, including a concept for my website’s colour codes, layout, and taglines. I had everything prepared in a document, ready to hand over. But after just five minutes of speaking with James, I decided not to show him. I entrusted all creative expression to him and gave him a simple guide of what I wanted. I knew James would create something far better than I ever could and bring forth ideas that I wouldn’t have thought of myself.

Did I really just fall in love with….?

After I received the concept, I was in awe! He stuck to my brief but then showed me MORE, which confused my inner “I know what I want.” I struggled with the idea of changing, even if it was just slightly. After all, I don’t usually like colours,  I (was) a black and charcoal woman, so why was I falling in love with the coloured elements of my website? It was because James took the time to get a deep understand me and perfectly curated colour palettes and images that aligned with both my personality and brand. He expressed me better than I could.

I was blissfully ignorant.

As for the functionality of my website, In my mind I had a concept that I thought worked well, until James showed me the website preview. Once again, I was left beyond excited with the seamless flow and ease I saw before me. Throwing my concept out the window! He genuinely cares about my potential customers and their experience on my website, and that made me beyond happy.

Could communication and collaboration be this easy?

Just one example! Throughout the process, I made a change to six small images, keeping James’ idea but changing the style of the image. Within moments, I received an email saying, “I love them and will make those changes,” along with a timeframe, and he delivered on time, well from memory it was earlier, but I don’t want to start a precedent! I was never left wondering during this process. James kept communication lines open throughout the entire process, I felt seen, heard and my time respected.

I’ll pay money over and over again!

This is the longest testimonial known to man, (but when I believe in something, someone or a company, I don’t care how many words I use to showcase them) But yet, I still don’t know if I’ve expressed my absolute gratitude for my website and branding. It perfectly encapsulates and expresses who I am and what I stand for! I’m beyond proud to call this mine, and I can’t wait to work on future projects with James and Cloud Three.”

Alysha Miles – WiseMind Social


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