Client Innovative Research Universities
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Date 2022
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Innovative Research Universities

The Task:Build a bold, fast, easy to use website, that reflect the client's brand.

The Solution

We built the Innovative Research Universities (IRU) website with the concept that the Content Management system (CMS) should be reliable, easy to use and teach, and the website overall should be a growing and changing organism. With that in mind, we used WordPress and heavily integrated with the Gutenberg editor. In addition, we designed custom blocks that we programmed for use throughout the site.

IRU had a fully-fledged brand identity when they came to us, and we knew that the new website should lean heavily into that. So we utilised strong colours throughout to keep the content vibrant and engaging users.

As an ever-changing and growing organisation, the member list needed to be visual but still easy to update. So we worked with the client to design a set of vectors that they could change and upload across the website.

As a client with a lot of content, it was essential for us to identify ways to display the content attractively but also make it easy to find, which led us to develop the site structure and create separate post types for display in specific areas with their own sets of filters.

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